How To Donate Your Car To A Charity

Did you know that 42% of homeless children are less than eight years old? Such a large number is terrifying, especially knowing that as foreclosures rise, the number of children facing homelessness will rise as well! Donating is a wonderful thing that we who are doing alright can do to help the less fortunate throughout the world. The only thing is, this specific problem isn’t too far off. The problem with children facing, and being homeless, is right here in the United States.

As it would be in most charities, you can donate money, food, clothes, anything that could help the children that reside within our country. You can donate one more thing however, which helps raise money for the kids, and helps you out as well. The American Relief Foundation, which is the charity focusing on helping American children, will accept car donations.

Have you ever heard of donating a vehicle? Why would someone give their car away? It actually is a great option to a great many people. Lots of people have an old clunker hanging around their driveway, field, or garage. Instead of getting the dump to dispose of it, or taking it to a car graveyard, you could donate it to help raise money for homeless children!

ARF has a form that is easy to fill out, you tell them where your old used car is, and they will come tow it away with no cost to you. The car can be in working condition, or not be able to run at all. Either way, it can help raise the money to help children across America! And it doesn’t have to be a car, either. It can be a truck, SUV, or even an old boat! Any contribution will help the money to get raised, and get that old convertible off your lawn!

There are a few benefits from donating a used car to this charity.

First of all, you don’t have an old car that isn’t being used hanging around anymore. Next, you don’t have to pay for it being towed away, as the foundation will go wherever it needs to and get your vehicle. Lastly, you can get a tax deduction of up to $ 500 dollars for the donation.

So if you find that you have an old car that you aren’t using, that is just taking up driveway space, think about donating it. We can help better our own country by helping those in need, especially the children. By helping raise money we can help them get an education, get a home, get healthy, and learn how to be happy.

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