How to proceed If You’re Involved with a Car Accident – Ten Time Tested Tips

In equine-and-buggy days flighty stallions sometimes bolted and competed out-of-control lower crowded roads.

But, horses had “equine sense” and barely drove mind on in to the next wagon.

Without horses to steer all of us the mistakes of humanity come up.

Are car accidents necessary? Most likely not. But being that they are a well known fact of existence in modern America and also, since “advised is forearmed” here are a few tips that will help you reduce your deficits if you’re involved with one.


Even when you simply feel a bump in your car or think you may have hit someone or something like that, you need to stop. Neglecting to stop could enable you to get in a great deal of trouble.


If there’s been an injuries or the potential of injuries you need to call law enforcement.

when the other driver asks explore to involve law enforcement, you need to certainly call law enforcement. From experience I will tell you these people frequently do not have insurance and then try to weasel from having to pay you afterwards.

In 25 years or so I’ve only two times seen at-fault motorists make good on their own promise to cover damage after an accident. Certainly one of individuals cases involved me after i drawn on another car with an icy road and it was requested to exchange the car chair. Purchasing a brand new car chair was cheap for me personally because it prevented a rise in my rates.

In case your car is within an accident and also the person driving was made physically unable to make an accident report, then you definitely, as who owns the automobile, should make certain the accident is reported towards the police.

If another driver causes an accident but doesn’t stop do your very best to obtain the license number. If you will find witnesses obtain names, addresses and telephone numbers. Then call law enforcement. Keep your witnesses in the scene up until the police arrive.

If you’re hurt inside a no-contact accident triggered with a driver who flees the scene you may be paid out from your without insurance driver coverage. However, your company will need “independent proof” that another driver triggered the accident.


Motorists must exchange names, addresses telephone numbers and insurance information.


Create a diagram from the accident, showing the positions from the cars before, throughout, after impact.

Measure skid marks (if at all possible), or make certain law enforcement get it done, note the positions of traffic lights and street signs, estimate the particular driving speeds (for your own personel records), and record particulars concerning the weather and road conditions.

If at all possible, have photographs taken from the accident scene as well as any damage or injuries to persons or automobiles.

Images of serious harm to your car or any other cars will help you should you later pursue a claim for injuries.

However, minor harm to your car or any other car will help you if a person files a claim against you.

I remember when i attempted a situation in which the insurance defense attorney acquired an image from the minor harm to my client’s car coupled with it inflated to for an exhibit calculating four ft by four ft.

It was impressive towards the jury who felt that minor harm to car meant minor harm to the occupant and they also granted a more compact than usual amount of cash around the situation.


You need to cooperate with cops looking into the situation. Answer the cops questions factually. Don’t guess or estimate. Don’t volunteer information or discuss the accident towards the police witnesses, or any other motorists. Don’t admit any fault for that accident.

Don’t sign any bits of paper. In certain states you might be requested to sign traffic tickets–however this by itself isn’t an admission of guilt or wrongdoing.

You have to take an alcohol test if asked for, or risk losing your license.

Visit A Physician

Just following the accident as you possibly can, it might be smart to be examined with a physician. Even when you will find no initial indications of discomfort, there may have been damage completed to the neck or spine.

Sometimes people get hurt in car accidents speculate individuals injuries do not show up immediately, they do not seek treatment quickly.

If a short while after your auto accident, you or your people develop inconvenience or back or else you feel you are struggling with a mental or emotional disability triggered by injuries towards the mind, visit a physician.

For those who have a mind injuries, you may want to visit a specialist. Mind injuries can happen despite the fact that you do not hit your mind. This is exactly what became of Natasha Richardson who died from mind injuries inside a skiing accident. This is whats called a “contrecoup” concussion.

At the minimum consult a chiropractic specialist regarding neck and back injuries.

REPORT THE ACCIDENT TO Insurance Providers

Following the accident speak to your insurance provider to share with them from the accident.

When the other driver was to blame report the accident to his insurance provider.

His company should supply you with a rental car, as needed, and pay to possess your car fixed.

In case your car is totaled the his insurance provider should pay to repair it. Prizes and NADA have internet sites where one can get details about the need for your car.


You will probably be approached with a claims adjustor out of your own or any other parties’ insurance provider.

Be cautious by what you say.

If you think you’ve got no injuries at that time and tell that towards the adjustor, and then onto it evolves you had injuries that you simply were not aware of, (this is extremely common in whiplash cases,) the adjustor will certainly take it up, in order to keep your settlement to a minimum.

When the insurer isn’t quickly supplying you what, by law, you’re titled to, request to talk with her supervisor.

In the event that does not work nicely…

CALL An Attorney

You might want to speak with a lawyer to explain your privileges and discuss questions of liability for that accident.

And you will need assistance obtaining a rental car, getting all of the damage fixed in your car, or getting fair value for the car if it’s totaled.

How To Proceed If You’re Prosecuted

If you’re offered having a complaint and summons and you’ve got insurance simply take the complaint and summons for your insurance professional. This is the agent for that insurance you’d during the time of the accident. Car insurance covers you according to coverage around the date from the accident. Should you transformed insurance because the accident your prior insurance continues to have an obligation to protect you.

Should you be not covered with insurance you need to consult an attorney who is an expert in insurance defense. It will likely be worth having to pay his hourly fee to possess him protect your interests.

You may have the ability to obtain the situation ignored by showing you had been without insurance during the time of the accident. The hurt person may then create a claim under his without insurance driver coverage.

His without insurance driver insurance company might have to go once you for “subrogation”. In the event that happens, your insurance defense lawyer could be a large help settling the perfect settlement from the claim.

This might be a period to think about filing personal bankruptcy so an appointment by having an experienced personal bankruptcy lawyer to go over Chapter Seven and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ought to be scheduled.

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